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Depth | عمق

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

Anas Allal shares his photographs of metro and rural Algeria. Revealing a side to Algerian society lesser known and lesser noticed.

Depth “عمق “is a project I began in 2018 in Algeria, it is composed of street photographs in Algeria, this project explores the details of the country. During my childhood years, my father and I took long walks across the city. These walks always revealed things of utter strangeness to my eyes, I always witnessed situations I could not comprehend, things done and said by the locals that seemed to go beyond the normal human behavior but that were interesting nonetheless. My father had always told me that this was a reflection of the deep

Algerian society, also known as ‘L’Algérie Profonde’. Which is far from the superficial image of the country. Ever since, I decided to work on a project that shows what life in its most honest form is like, how Algerians really live in the depths of the cities, the villages, the beach as well as in the working-class neighborhoods in the poor-districts. My focus was not limited in terms of age, varying from the life of the youth in these areas to their older counterparts.


  • 1. A man doing a health recovery. Algiers, Algeria.

  • 2. One of the most frequent ac/vi/es of young Algerians during the summer period is undoubtedly the beach, and to add thrills to this actvity, they dive from the rocks while some prefer to just watch them and do not take the risk of having accidents. Ghazaouet, Algeria.

  • 3. In the market of Tlemcen’s downtown. Algeria.

Rural places around Tlemcen

  • 1. A man wearing tradi/onal clothes named "Burnous" on the occasion of the Amazigh new year "Yennayer" in an abandoned village near Beni Bahdel, Algeria.

  • 2. Two men observing an old village which was abandoned in the Algerian civil war of nine/es. Beni Bahdel, Algeria.

  • 3. On the road to the Algerian desert of Sahara, driving just a few kilometers to the south of Tlemcen, houses and trees start to disappear, the landscape is star/ng to become desert, only a few nomads live there, the climate is dry. El gor, Algeria.


Anas Allal

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