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Updated: Feb 12, 2021

Visual artist Noemi Filetti explores the relationship between the human experience and nature through her photography, using the coastline as a metaphor for this ever changing story

Diàlogos is the Greek word for dialogue. In its ancient etymology, the prefix ‘dia’ always indicates a contrast; a dialogue is not a calm matter as we usually consider, it entails a distance, as diametro, the distance between two opposite points of a circle.

I have been fascinated by this term as a representation of the human experience with nature, a relationship which swings between conciliation and fight without ever being resolved. This work is my attempt to represent this relationship. I am focusing on the coastline as a space of encounter between the man-made and the natural, creating a visual narrative of such borderline. The human presence is visible through our impact on the landscape, and I deliberately leave people outside of the images. The series includes both pictures and cyanotype prints developed through the natural action of the waves.

The cyanotype process is a 19th-century photographic technique which uses a solution of iron compounds for coating sheets of paper and it is characterized by its unique blue tone. The salt present in the seawater reacts with the coating solution resulting in always different and unpredictable shades of blue. Therefore, the process becomes a collaboration, in which no one detains complete control of the outcomes. What remains exposed on paper is a visual dialogue with the natural environment.


Noemi Filetti

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