Flowers for the picking

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

Documentary photographer Morgan Williams uses photography and first hand accounts to highlight the experiences women face in their daily lives.

Sexual assault and harassment is ever-present and frequently overlooked. Flowers for the Picking explores the experiences of seven anonymous people as described through their individual testimonies and in their own words. Although the photographs are uncomfortable, the aim is not to make you look away, rather to confront them. This project intends to expose the troubling impact, to amplify the conversation, and to promote change.

“It was my birthday and early in the morning around 8am.

I received a message on Instagram wishing me a happy birthday, but the sender was from a man who had taken advantage of me when I was too drunk to say no.

I didn’t know how I was supposed to react so I just stared at the message, then deleted it.

I ended up sitting on my bed for half an hour staring at the wall in front of me, it made me feel empty because it was something I didn’t want to have to think about again.”

“Okay memory as a small child probably 6-7 yrs old.

Summertime wearing shorts and t shirt.

Me and my sister looked up to this big girl called Mary.

She was active in the church and community alongside her mam and dad.

We used to want to hang out with her.

Somehow I was alone with her and we went visiting the old folk locally in their council bungalows.

I remember being greeted by this happy little old man.

He wore black trousers and a white shirt.

He was so happy to see us, he picked me up and plonked me on his knee. He jigged his

knee up and down and sang a song that I didn’t know.

Mary was opposite, standing and smiling.

My memory was of his hand being inside my top at the back but mainly at the front. He wasn’t holding me in one place but his hand was stroking up and down.