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My encounters with medicine

Vyacheslav Onishchenko shares his personal photographic therapy, taken while working in an underfunded Razdel’naya, Ukraine hospital..

I shot these images in the small town of Razdel’naya, Ukraine, population: 17,995.

 I had just graduated from the Medical University. 

I had to work in Razdel’naya for 3 years.

Life before work in the hospital was carelessness. My life was full of sun and colors.

It was my first experience working in medicine. Everything was so different from the books. 

I had only seen sickness and suffering in pictures in textbooks.

Here it surrounded me every day, but I had to help people, I had to make the right

decisions. I realized that every action has consequences.

People with money are treated in Odessa (and other major cities). Everyone who does not have money is treated in a small hospital like mine. I was faced with more than just problems to do with health. I was up against poverty.

Books couldn't have prepared me. The books told me what to do, But how can you treat people when there is no medicine to treat people with? There was no money for bandages and aspirin. 

Life became black and white.

I did a lot of growing up during my time at the hospital. I now appreciate sleep and friends more than ever before.


Vyacheslav Onishchenko

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