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The abstract art of addiction

Vyacheslav Onishchenko beings us the inadvertent abstract art the residents of Odessa, Ukraine create when covering the marks of crime written on their houses.

In Ukraine up to 120 thousand people die every year from drug addiction and

related diseases, such as HIV / AIDS, viral hepatitis, specific cancer, and tuberculosis. At the same time, there are currently around 250 million drug addicts in the world (4% of the population), from which 330 people die every day. In the American international anti-drug center, they claim there are a billion drug addicts.

The way drugs are sold has changed. Recently, a method using so-called 'bookmarks' has

become widely popular. The walls of Odessa are strewn with the addresses of stores where you can buy any narcotic substance you like. Telegram channels are used for the same purpose.

Due to corruption, the police have almost no effect on these processes. House residents paint over addresses themselves, turning their houses into canvases... People far from the guise of the art world find themselves becoming abstract artists, Similar to the likes of Rothko.

In Ukraine, about 150 thousand drug addicts are registered with the police, and according to the WHO and UNAIDS, there are about 425 thousand injecting drug users in the country alone. According to various independent experts, from 1 to 1.5 million people use drugs in Ukraine, a number which increases by 8-10% annually.

According to the Ministry of Health, a thousand people die from drug addiction in Ukraine each year, while independent experts believe it could be up to 10-12 thousand people.


Vyacheslav Onishchenko

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