At New Journalist Magazine we believe that when it comes to telling stories, patience is a virtue.

News in the 21st century has descended into a cat-fight with the sole aim of getting scoops - with shock factor taking precedence over proper descriptive writing, impartiality and facts.

With our small publication, we aim to fight back against this mainstream news trend by opening up the dialogue to everyone - published or unpublished, self-identifying journalist or not, who have a story to tell. 


We implore our readers to take a moment and properly ingest a story which someone has not only reported on but experienced firsthand.

Through long-form creative journalistic storytelling and top-quality photography, we believe we can slowly change the way people insist their news be reported.

“Trees that are slow to grow bear the best fruit.”

- Moliere 


Jussi Lynch Grut,
Co-founder & Editor 


Joseph Burrows,
Co-founder & Editor

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Weronika Szklarek, 

Head of Design