The organised chaos of Odessa's ultras

Vyacheslav Onishchenko takes us inside the world of Ukrainian ultras, capturing the fire and passion in this relatively new group of football supporters.

I am not one of the ultras of Odessa football club - The "Chernomorets".

Rather, I'm “Kuzmich” - a casual fan with a camera.

As a child, when I went to football matches, I was always interested in the fan stand, this energy, these people. Who are they? Why do they so passionately support the club? What is this parallel world?

I got into this environment by accident. I wanted to explore and understand the difference between a chaotic gathering, a crowd and a large group, passionate about one idea of ​​people. I went to Sevastopol, Kiev, Kalinovka (Kiev region). To immerse myself in the culture of the Ultras.

Ukrainian ultras are a young phenomenon. First coming on the scene in the 1980's.

I specifically do not show one hero. Ultras is a community. The identity of the participants is erased.